Urethral dysontogenic metaplasia in cat with bilateral renal dysplasia

Carolina da Fonseca Sapin, Luisa Mariano Cerqueira da Silva, Haide Valeska Scheid, Ceres Cristina Tempel Nakasu, Marlete Brum Cleff, Fabiane Borelli Grecco


This paper to describe a case of dysontogenic urethral metaplasia in a one month old mongrel feline who also had bilateral renal dysplasia. Dysontogenic metaplasia in cats are scarce and this change may be associated with renal dysplasia and/or lower urinary tract. The animal had history of abdominal enlargement since birth and dysuria, eliminating urine only dropwise. Due to the poor prognosis we opted for euthanasia. At necropsy was observed enlarged and distended bladder, reduced kidneys and dilated and tortuous ureters. The urethra was thickened, hard to cut, and histologically, was replacing the connective tissue, cartilage and endochondral ossification areas, which features dysontogenic metaplasia. Both kidneys presented primitive appearance featuring dysplasia. Dysontogenic metaplasia in urinary tract feline with renal dysplasia, has not been described.


Congenital disease; Malformation; Nephropathy.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2017v38n5p3383

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