Productivity of Urochloa brizantha ‘Marandu’ influenced by strategic rest periods and nitrogen levels

Luan Fernandes Rodrigues, Antônio Clementino dos Santos, Otacílio Silveira Junior, José Geraldo Donizetti dos Santos


The effects of two strategic rest periods and associated nitrogen levels on the agronomic and productive characteristics of Urochloa brizantha ‘Marandu’ were evaluated. The trial was conducted in a completely randomized 4 × 2 split-plot design, with four blocks. The treatments consisted of associations between two rest periods and four nitrogen levels. The rest periods included one at the end of 28 days (RP28days) and another when the canopy height was 40 cm (RP40cm) and nitrogen levels of 0, 150, 300, and 450 kg N ha-1 year-1 was applied as ammonium sulfate. The following variables were evaluated: rest period (RP) per cycle, total dry matter (TDM), dry matter (kg ha-1) and proportion (%) of leaf blade (LB), stem, and senescent material (SM), tiller mass, forage density, leaf area index, height, leaf:stem ratio, and crop growth rate (CGR). The variables height, TDM, LB dry matter, stem dry matter, CGR, and forage density exhibited a linear relationship with RP28days and a quadratic relationship with RP40cm with increasing N levels. The proportions of LB and stem had linear relationships with N levels for RP28days and RP40cm. The leaf:stem ratio was affected by increasing N levels and it fit the quadratic model for both rest strategies. The SM proportion had a quadratic relationship only with RP28days. The tiller mass had a linear relationship with RP28days, whereas SM dry matter showed a linear relationship for RP40cm. The use of the RP40cm reduced the period needed to begin a new grazing cycle. The level of 450 kg N ha-1 is recommended for RP28days and levels between 380 to 400 kg N ha-1 provided better results for RP40cm.


Grazing frequency; Grazing interval; Rotational grazing.

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