Banana peel in the diet for F1 Holstein x Zebu cows

Paulo Roberto Silveira Pimentel, Vicente Ribeiro Rocha Júnior, Marco Túlio Parrela de Melo, José Reinaldo Mendes Ruas, Lara Maria Santos Brant, Natanel Mendes Costa, Gabriela Duarte Oliveira Leite, Mariane Duarte Oliveira Leite, Camila Maida de Albuquerque Maranhão


This study aimed to evaluate the effects of includingsun-dried banana peel in diets for F1 Holstein x Zebu cows on intake, digestibility and milk production. Diets were composed of 0, 15, 30, 45 and 60% replacement of sorghum silage with banana peel provided to 10 cows in two simultaneous 5 x 5 Latin squares, with the experiment divided into five periods of 16 days. The dry matter intake showed a quadratic effect with maximum level at 38.30% substitution as well as intake of crude protein expressed in kg-1 day and percentage of body weight, with maximum at the levels of 50.09 and 45.69% inclusion of the peel, respectively. The intake of neutral detergent fiber and the digestibility of neutral detergent fiber and crude protein showed a decreasing linear effect. Variation in weight and body condition score, milk production and feed conversion were not affected. The replacement of 60% sorghum silage with banana peel represents a viable alternative as it causes no change in cows with average production of 16.49 kg milk with 3.5% fat day-1, reducing feeding costs.


Co-product; Musa paradisiaca; Performance; Productivity.

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