Evaluation of substrate and tray types for beet seedlings

Márcia de Moraes Echer, Vandeir Francisco Guimarães, Alice Noemi Aranda, Erreinaldo Donizete Bortolazzo, Juliana Souza Braga


The experiment was carried out from April to May of 1998 in Piracicaba- SP, with the objective of evaluating three substrates: Plantimax, Mogimax and Gioplanta, and two recipient trays: one with 128 cells and other with 200 cells, in beet seedling production of cultivar “Early Wonder”. The evaluation was accomplished 40 days after sowing by the following parameters: plant height, root length, total dry mass, root dry mass, shoot dry mass and the shoot/root relation. The experimental design was randomized blocks in 3 x 2 outline factorial with 4 replications. In all evaluated parameters, there were found significant differences among substrates and trays. Also, it was observed significant interaction in total dry mass, shoot dry mass and shoot/root relation. Plantmax and Mogimax were superior for the most of the evaluated parameters. Recipient tray with 128 cells was better than 200 cells, being more indicated for beet seedling production.


Beta vulgaris; Seedling production; Dry matter.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2007v28n1p45

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