Fatty acid profile of milk from cows fed palm kernel cake

Leidiane Reis Pimentel, Fabiano Ferreira da Silva, Robério Rodrigues Silva, Eli Santana de Oliveira Rodrigues, Murilo de Almeida Meneses, Antônio Ferraz Porto Júnior, Dicastro Dias de Souza, Gonçalo Mesquita da Silva, Camile Carvalho Pacheco, Paulo Andrade de Oliveira


To evaluate the fatty acid profile of milk from cows fed palm kernel cake (PKC), 12 Holstein × Zebu crossbred cows were kept in the feedlot, distributed into a triple 4 × 4 Latin square, and fed the following treatments: 1) control; 2) inclusion of 50 g PKC/kg in the total dry matter (TDM); 3) inclusion of 100 g PKC/kg in the TDM; and 4) inclusion of 150 g PKC/kg in the TDM. Milk samples from the morning and afternoon milkings were collected in the amount of 1% of the daily production of each animal; subsequently, 100-mL subsamples were frozen for analysis of the fatty acid profile. Inclusion of PKC did not change the concentration of short-chain fatty acids or myristoleic (C14:1), pentadecenoic (C15:1), palmitic (C16:0), and palmitoleic (C16:1) fatty acids. Concentrations of medium-chain and lauric (C12:0) and myristic (C14:0) fatty acids increased linearly (P < 0.05). A decreasing linear effect was observed (P < 0.05) on the concentration of the C15:0 fatty acid. No effects were observed (P > 0.05) on the long-chain fatty acids and those of the omega 6 and 3 series; on the ratio between poly-unsaturated and saturated fatty acids; or on the ratio between the fatty acids of the omega 6/omega 3 series. The concentration of conjugated linoleic acid was not influenced (P > 0.05) by inclusion of PKC in the diet. Addition of palm kernel cake to the diet of lactating cows influences the concentration of medium-chain fatty acids, and of lauric (C12:0), myristic (C14:0), and pentadecanoic (C15:0) fatty acids in their milk.


Conjugated linoleic acid; Monounsaturated; Milk production; Polyunsaturated.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2016v37n4Supl1p2773

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