Proximate composition, microbiological and sensory of jundiá (Rhamdia quelen) submitted to the smoking process

Cleiton Manske, Márcia Luzia Ferrarezi Maluf, Bruno Estevão de Souza, Arcangelo Augusto Signor, Wilson Rogério Boscolo, Aldi Feiden


The objective of the experiment was to evaluate the proximate composition, microbiological and sensory of jundia (Rhamdia quelen) of whole eviscerated and fillet submitted to the process of hot smoking. Were used 22 jundias, separated into three categories: A: small whole fish (122.25 ± 25.39g); B: headless large whole fish (358.4 ± 50.98g) and C: fillet (126.92 ± 12.48g). Samples of each category were used for microbiological analysis of raw material in natura. The remainder was submitted to dry salting with 25% of concentration for 60 minutes, after were realized the process of hot smoking. Wasn’t observed significative differences (P ? 0.05) between the parameters of crude protein, ether extract and moisture of smoked products. With the sensory analysis, was observed that the fillet had higher intensity of salt, differing (P ? 0.05) from the whole smoked fish.  There were no significative differences (P ? 0.05) on the color and acceptance of products smoked. With the flavor, the tasters revealed preference (P ? 00.5) to small whole smoked fish. The result of the count of microorganisms was low, indicating that the products were under the standards established by law for consumption. It is concluded that the hot smoking process applied in different ways to the fish (small whole fish, headless large whole fish and fillet) does not affect the proximate composition of the final product. There was a significant preference for small whole fish smoked in the case of flavors and for headless large whole fish smoked in the case of acceptance,  smoked jundia can being consumed with security for a period of 21 days of storage at temperature of ± 5ºC beyond to add value to smoked fish.


Fish processing; Smoked products.


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