Genetic diversity in soybean seed quality under different storage conditions

Daniele Piano Rosa, Danúbia Aparecida Costa Nobre, Diego Santos Oliveira, Francisco Charles dos Santos Silva, André Ricardo Gomes Bezerra, Amilton Ferreira da Silva, Tuneo Sediyama


This study aimed to assess the effect of genetic diversity on physiological quality of soybean seeds stored in cold chamber and under environmental conditions. Ten cultivars were assessed in a randomized factorial design (2x10). Factor 1 corresponded to two storage conditions and factor 2 to ten soybean cultivars, with four replications. The evaluated variables were total germination (G%), first count of germination (F%), percentage of abnormal seedlings (AS%), germination speed index (GSI), water content (WC), electrical conductivity (EC), dry matter of seedlings (DMS) and length of seedlings (LS). Data underwent ANOVA, followed by Scott Knott test, as well as multivariate analysis of genetic diversity. The results showed a higher physiological quality for seeds under cold storage. Half of the cultivars (FPS Júpiter, FPS Urano, FPS Antares, FPS Netuno and CD 250) presented high germination rates and seed vigor, being thus indicated as high-standard materials for further breeding programs. Besides that, storage environment had influence on the clustering of soybean cultivars. Moreover, cultivars had genetic dissimilarity for almost all assessed traits as G%, GSI, F%, AS%, EC, DMS and LS.


Dissimilarity; Germination; Glycine max (L.) Merrill; Vigor.

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