One-step laparoscopy for the correction of left abomasal displacement in high-yielding Holstein dairy cows

João Henrique Perotta, Rüdiger Daniel Ollhoff, Júlio Augusto Naylor Lisboa, Peterson Triches Dornbusch, Hugo Richard Dÿck, Pedro Irineu Teider Junior, Nilton Vieira, Ivan Roque de Barros Filho


Surgical procedures for the correction of abomasal displacement are one of the most frequently performed in dairy cows, and many surgical techniques have been described since the first cases of this disease were reported in the 1950s. Although no report to date has described the use of one-step laparoscopy in Brazil, the technique has several advantages over the traditional techniques, e.g., better abdominal visualization and minor trauma resulting from the minimally invasive technique. Accordingly, one-step laparoscopy, as described by Christiansen and Barisani, was performed to treat left abomasal displacement in 21 high-yielding dairy cows from two dairy regions of Paraná State. The technique was performed without complications in 12/21 (57.14%) cows. Ruminal (four animals), abomasal (two animals), both ruminal and abomasal (one animal), and splenic (one animal) perforations occurred during surgery but without any postoperative complication. One cow developed pyloric obstruction caused by the toggle bar suture, but early removal restored abomasal flux. Three animals died of different causes. One cow showed recurrence of displacement 1 month after surgery. A third access was necessary in cows that weighed more than 700 kg. One-step laparoscopy is an efficient, fast, and safe technique for the correction of left abomasal displacement.


Dairy cattle; Laparoscopy; Left abomasal displacement.

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