Genotypes selection of Dendrobium (Orchidaceae) in vitro propagation phase

Ricardo Tadeu de Faria, Anileda Paula Rossi de Moura Vicente, Thais Martins Marques Costa, Inês Cristina de Batista Fonseca, Geraldo Lopes da Silva, Lúcia Sadayo Assari Takahashi


The process of artificial hibridization in orchids is used to obtain new varieties. The objective of the present paper was to select genotypes of Dendrobium favourable for in vitro propagation for commercial utilization through crossings and self polinization of selected matrice plants. Fifteen different plants with contrasting colors, flower sizes and plant heighs were used; the flowers were artificially polinated and the seeds germinated in vitro on MS medium, with half concentration of nutrients. The following crossings were made D9 x D7; D11 x Df22; D6 x D15; D9 x D2; D16 x D15; D5 x D9; D14 x D7; D7 x D14; D4 x D9; D6 x D9; D3 x D8; and the self polinizations: Df22; D7; D5; D21; D2; D15; D8; D23; D3 and D6. The obtained plants were avaluated for: plant heigh, number of roots, fresh and dry matter weight. The best results was observed in the following crosses D9 x D7; D11 x Df22; D6 x D15; D16 x D15 and D14 x D7 and for self polinizations Df22 and D7.


Dendrobium; Hibridization; In vitro propagation; Tissue culture.


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