Vegetative propagation of Epidendrum ibaguense Lindl. (Orchidaceae) in alternative to “xaxim” substrates

Beatriz Meneguce, Rafael Broggi Domingues de Oliveira, Ricardo Tadeu de Faria


The “samambaiaçu” plant from which the “xaxim” is taken, is in extinction. This study investigates the vegetative propagation the Epidendrum ibaguense using different substrates and propagula. The plants were cultivated in plastic pots in a greenhouse with 50% of shadind light and watered three times a week. Stem cuttings and rooted clusters were used as propagula, with the following substrates: de-fibered “xaxim”; plantmax; sand + plantmax (1:1). Survival rate, number of shoots and shoots height were evaluated six months later. The best propagulum was the rooted cluster. The sand + plantmax substrate was an efficient substitute for the “xaxim”.


Dicksonia sellowiana; Orchid; Domestication.


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