Evaluation of the soybean nutritional status for the methods of sufficiency level and DRIS

Nelson Harger, Roberto Fioretto, Ricardo Ralisch


The aim of this experiment was to evaluate the nutritional behavior of 4 soybean varieties with different maturation cycles such as: Embrapa 48, BRS 133 and BRS 134, under field conditions. Soybean was sowed in strips of 3,15m x 30m., with three replications. Leaf samples included 30 trifoils, starting from 25 days after emergency (DAE) up to beginning of flowering stage. Sufficiency level and DRIS (Diagnosis Recommendation Integrated System) methods were used to evaluate the soybean nutritional status. In the first method leaf samples were collected at the beginning of flowering stage and for the DRIS method at vegetative stage up to beginning flowering stage. The results showed that the DRIS presented suitable diagnosis for the soybean at vegetative stage with 27 (DAE) up to flowering stage, that means a possibility to antecipate leave samples for DRIS diagnosis.


Nutritional evaluate; Soybean; DRIS.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2003v24n2p219

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