Energy and protein requirements of crossbred cattle in feedlot

Maria Luciana Menezes Wanderley Neves, Antonia Sherlânea Chaves Véras, Evaristo Jorge Oliveira de Souza, Marcelo de Andrade Ferreira, Sebastião de Campos Valadares Filho, Gabriel Santana da Silva, Francisco Fernando Ramos de Carvalho, Diogo José Gomes de Oliveira, Edine Roberta de Lima, Ligia Maria Gomes Barreto


The objective of this study is to predict the energy and protein requirements of crossbred dairy cattle in feedlot. The study was conducted at the Unidade Acadêmica de Serra Talhada, Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco, Brazil with 30 bulls with a body weight of 339.1 ± 35.4 kg. Five animals were slaughtered at the end of the adaptation period to serve as the reference group; the remainder of the animals was slaughtered after 112 days. The latter group was randomly allocated to receive five treatments: 0, 17, 34, 51 and 68% of concentrate in the feed using a completely randomized design. The dietary intake of the animals that were not given concentrate was restricted to 1.5% of their body weight; these animals composed the group fed for maintenance. The body composition and empty body weight (EBW) were estimated by means of the comparative slaughter method and full dissection of a half-carcass. The results showed that for crossbred dairy bulls in confinement, the net and metabolizable energy requirements were 86.49 and 138 kcal EBW-0.75 day-1, respectively, and the efficiency of use of metabolizable energy for maintenance and gain were 62.67% and 31.67%, respectively. The net energy (NEg) and net protein (NPg) requirements for gain can be estimated using the following equations, respectively: NEg= 0.0392*EBW0.75*EBWG1.0529 and NPg= 242.34 x EBWG - 23.09 x RE. The efficiency of use of metabolizable protein for gain was 25.8%, and the protein requirement for maintenance was 2.96 g EBW-0.75 day-1. The rumen degradable protein can supply 62.44% of the crude protein requirements of feedlot dairy crossbred bulls with a body weight of 450 kg while gaining 1 kg day-1.


Body composition; Maintenance; Weight gain.

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