Barbatiman and chitosan creams as adjuvants in rabbit skin wound healing

Caroline Rocha de Oliveira Lima, Luiz Antônio Franco da Silva, Rogério Elias Rabelo, Valcinir Aloísio Scalla Vulcani, Bruno Moraes Assis, Welber Daniel Zanetti Lopes, Lucas José Santos Mascarenhas, Rhavilla Santos de Oliveira


In this study, 5% barbatiman and 5% chitosan creams were evaluated as adjuvants in the tissue repair process by secondary intention of rabbit’s skin wounds. Four equidistant wounds were induced in the dorsal skin of 20 adult male rabbits, which were submitted to healing by secondary intention and treated with 5% chitosan cream (QC, n=5), 5% barbatiman cream (BC, n=5), 2% allantoin cream (n=5), and base cream (n=5). The creams were applied with the aid of disposable spatulas after washing the wounds. The wounds were daily analyzed by clinical examination for 21 days and histological analyses were performed on the 3rd, 14th, and 21st day after induction. The microscopic evaluation of the wounds of all groups showed macroscopic features of the healing process at different time intervals. The QC and BC treatments helped in the skin repair process in rabbits when compared to the other two treatments. They induced fibroblast activation and early collagen deposition, and modulated re-epithelialization and neovascularization. Thus, it was concluded that BC and QC are efficient and economically feasible as adjuvants in the healing process of skin wounds in rabbits.


Chitin; Lagomorphs; Phytotherapy; Tissue repair.

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