Distribution of roots of west indian cherry plants

Ives Massanori Murata, Neusa Maria Colauto Stenzel, Aline Fagote Paulino, Cristina Célia Krawulski, Carmen Silvia Vieira Janeiro Neves, Cristiane de Conti Medina, Marcelo Sumiya, Marcos Yutaka Yano


The knowledge of the amount and distribution of plant roots is essential to all crops because it gives useful information to irrigation, soil management and amendment. The aim of this research was to quantify and analyze the root distribution of West Indian cherry (Malpighia emarginata D.C.) through digital images using the trench profile method in a clayey oxisol in Londrina, State of Paraná (Brazil). The orchard was planted in a 4 x 4 spacing and was 5 years old. There were evaluated three rootstocks obtained by seeds and grafted on Camb-6, Cia-2 and Cia-3 genotypes. There was no difference regarding the amount of roots in row and inter-rows as well. The effective distance and depth (distance and depth until there are located 80% of the roots), in the row and inter-row had no difference regarding the evaluated plants. The effective depth of roots were 0.62 m in the row, and 0.65 m in the inter-row.


Malpighia emarginata; Root; Profile wall method.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2002v23n2p191

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