Phosphorus fractions in an agricultural chronosequence under tillage regimes in the Cerrado area in Goiás, Brazil

Roni Fernandes Guareschi, Marcos Gervasio Pereira, Adriano Perin


The increase in the amount and quantity of soil organic matter (SOM), as well as the use of phosphorus-based fertilizers in the superficial soil layer in areas under tillage regimes (TR), may affect phosphorus (P) dynamics in the soil. Therefore, the aims of the present work were as follows: to evaluate the inorganic and organic fractions of P and its lability levels (labile, moderately labile, and moderately resistant) in a Distroferric Red Latosol under tillage regimes (TR) 3, 15, and 20 years after implementation, and to compare them with those of areas of native Cerrado and pastures. We also focus on analyzing the correlations of the P fractions in these areas with other soil attributes, such as total carbon and nitrogen levels, light organic matter (LOM), chemical and physical granulometric fractions of the SOM, maximum phosphate adsorption capacity (MPAC), and the remaining phosphorus (Prem). In each of these areas, samples were collected from the 0.0-0.05 and 0.05-0.10 m soil layers. An entirely randomized experimental design was used. After TR implementation, the constant use of phosphorus-based fertilizers as well as the incremental addition of SOM resulted in an increase in the levels of labile, moderate labile, and moderately resistant organic and inorganic P, with a tendency for total P accumulation to be mostly in the inorganic, moderately labile form. The native Cerrado soil presented high levels of labile and moderately labile inorganic P. Pasture areas presented the lowest levels of labile organic and inorganic P, as well as moderately labile and moderately resistant organic P. By principal component analysis (PCA), it was possible to observe alterations in all soil attributes and P levels of the fractions analyzed.


Organic phosphorus; Inorganic phosphorus; Phosphorus adsorption; Organic matter.

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