Arterial vascularization of the brain of the agouti (Dasyprocta aguti Linnaeus, 1766)

Roberto Sávio Bessa da Silva, Gleidson Benevides de Oliveira, Carlos Magno Oliveira Junior, Ferdinando Vinicius Fernandes Bezerra, Felipe Venceslau Câmara, Radan Elvis Matias de Oliveira, Moacir Franco de Oliveira


The agouti, a rodent that is geographically distributed throughout South America, is greatly valued for its meat. This paper describes the arterial vascularization of the base of the agouti’s brain, characterizing behavior, and arterial origin and distribution. Ten animals from the Center for the Multiplication of Wild Animals (CEMAS/UFERSA) were used and the study was approved by SISBIO (report number 32413- 1) and the Ethics Committee on Animal Use (CEUA/UFERSA) (protocol 02/2010). After euthanasia, the animals were incised in the thoracic cavity by an injection of red-stained Neoprene latex 650 and the skulls were subsequently opened. The brains were extracted from the skulls for ventral surface analysis and then fixed in an aqueous 10% formaldehyde solution. The agouti’s arterial vascularization of the brain has two main components, namely the carotid and vertebrobasilar systems. The agouti’s carotid system accounts for vascularization of almost the entire forebrain, while the vertebrobasilar system accounts for vascularization of almost the entire posterior brain (medulla oblongata, pyramid, trapezoid body, cerebellum, bridge, and part of the third caudal section of the forebrain) through the caudal cerebral arteries originating from the terminal branches of the basilar artery. The main arteries on the brain surface include the basilar artery, which is unique, and the arterial pairs, specifically the vertebral arteries, cerebellar caudal arteries, trigeminal artery, rostral cerebellar artery, basilar terminal branch artery, cerebral caudal artery, communicating caudal branch of the cerebral carotid artery, cerebral carotid artery, communicating branch rostral cerebral carotid artery, choroidal rostral artery, medial branch of the communicating branch rostral artery, internal ophthalmic artery, middle cerebral artery, and rostral cerebral artery.


Artery; Brain Circuit; Rodent; Dasyproctidae; Agouti.

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