Addition of sucrose on cryoprotectant solution of vitrification enhances the quality of Dorper sheep embryos produced in vivo

Alane Pains Oliveira do Monte, João Bosco Loiola Filho, Thais Thatiane dos Santos Souza, Mayara de Souza Miranda, Lívia Correia Magalhães, Celso Henrique Souza Costa Barros, Ana Arlete de Amorim Silva, Adriano Oliveira Santos, Aionne de Souza Leite Guimarães, Jonathan Maia da Silva Costa, Pedro Humberto Félix de Sousa, Daniel Maia Nogueira, Mabel Freitas Cordeiro, Edilson Soares Lopes Júnior


This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of adding sucrose in vitrification solution of ovine embryos produced in vivo. Forty Dorper ewes were selected and superovulated. Immediately prior to the embryo collection by laparotomy, a laparoscopy was performed to verify the superovulatory response. The recovered flushing was followed by embryo evaluation and embryos were divided in two experimental groups where embryos from Control group were submitted to a traditional vitrification protocol and embryos from Sucrose group to a modified vitrification protocol with sucrose. After warming, embryos were again divided regarding cryoprotectant removal (Indirect) or not (Direct). The embryo quality was classified as embryos of degrees I (excellent or good), II (regular), III (poor) and IV (dead or degenerate). It was also verified the homogeneity of mass, occurrence of embryonic mass retraction and rupture of pellucid zone. The results were expressed as percentages and were subjected to Chi-square test with P < 0.05. The embryos vitrified in the presence of sucrose had lower proportions of lower-quality embryos after warming (22.20 vs. 44.50%), higher percentages of homogeneous embryos after warming (63.89 vs. 38.89 %) while concerning other parameters there was no difference between these groups. It can be concluded that the addition of 0.4 M sucrose during vitrification improves the embryo quality.


Cryopreservation; Embryo; Ewe; Multiple ovulation; Sugar.

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