Growth curves for Ile de France female sheep raised in feedlot

Raphael Patrick Moreira, Victor Breno Pedrosa, Paula Roberta Falcão, Michelli de Fátima Sieklicki, Caroline Gomes Rocha, Izaltino Cordeiro Santos, Evandro Maia Ferreira, Adriana de Souza Martins


The objective of the present study was to analize the non-linear models that best fit the growth of ewes Ile de France. The experiment was conducted in school farm Capão da Onça, located in city of Ponta Grossa - PR and so, were used data on weight at birth to 210 days of age of 34 females of the breed Ile de France. The animals showed mean weight at birth (PN) of 4,58 kilograms, weaning weight (P60) of 19,58 kilograms and weight at 210 days (P210) equal to 43,18 kilograms, providing daily weight gain (GMD) equal to 0,183 kg/day. The non-linear models used were: Brody, Von Bentarlanffy, Logístic and Gompertz, presenting results, respectively, of 33.5453; 33.7120; 33.6714 and 33.8836 for Error Mean Square (EMS) and 0.9650; 0.8302; 0.9649 and 0.9647 for coefficient of determination (R2). All models tended to describe accordingly the curve of animals growth, but, according to the methods adopted to select the most appropriate model, Von Bertarlanffy showed the best fit. All models presented high and negative correlation between the A and k parameters, indicating that the most precocious animals are less likely to reach elevated weights for 210 days of age.


Intensive system; Nonlinear models; Precocity; Weight development.

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