Change in composition and quality of milk as a function of volume of production, year period and milking systems and cooling

Loreno Egidio Taffarel, Patricia Barcellos Costa, Claudio Yuji Tsutsumi, Elcio Silvério Klosowski, Eduardo Fonseca Portugal, Antonio Carlos Lins


Aimed to evaluate the effect of three volumes monthly milk sales, months of year, types of coolers and milking systems on the freezing point of milk, fat percentage, somatic cell count (SCC) and bacterial count Total (CBT) milk come from producers that sell to a dairy of Western of Paraná. We evaluated twelve months for volume, fat, freezing point, SCC and TBC with a total of 7,105 records. Samples for analysis were collected by milk transporters. The information was classified by monthly volume purchased from each producer (up to 4,500 gallons between 4,500-15,000 liters and more than 15,000 liters), by milking systems (manual, bucket foot, piped and protractor) and types of coolers (immersion , bulk and freezer) used by each producer. The milk got of producers with volumes exceeding fifteen thousand liters per month has a freezing point and fat content lesser, but have a better CBT and CCS. There were seasonal variations of freezing point, fat, CBT and CCS. Variations of CBT during periods of the year are lower in milk derived from bulk cooling and milking piped system. There are factors related to handling and cleaning of milking equipment and cooling that need to be worked with the milk producers.



Crioscopia; Fat; Somatic cell count; Total bacterial count.


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