Gynecological and cytological evaluation in Holstein cows with more than three repetitions of estrus

Cícero Fleury Guedes Martins, Patricia Magalhães de Oliveira, Nayara Resende Nasciutti, Vinícius de Morais Barbosa, Mariana Borges Ferreira, Milton Maturana Filho, Ricarda Maria dos Santos, Francisco Cláudio Dantas Mota, João Paulo Elsen Saut


The objective of this study was to evaluate the gynecological examination and endometrial cytology in Holstein cows with more than three repetitions of estrus. The experiment was conducted in six commercial dairy herds both with similar reproductive and sanitary managements and assisted by veterinarians. It was included only Holstein cows up to five calving and more than three consecutive repetitions of estrus. Seventy-seven cows were identified and carried gynecological examination and endometrial cytology. The reproductive causes found in this study, subject to involuntary culling, were: clinical endometritis with purulent vaginal discharge and more than 3% neutrophils (7.79%), clinical endometritis with purulent vaginal discharge and less than 3% neutrophils (2.6%), subclinical endometritis (10.4%), urovagina (1.3%) and 77.9% cows with unknown causes and they were not associated with reproductive disorders evaluated. It was concluded: a) the rate of cows without diagnosis is very high and it interferes directly to the reproductive performance; b) the proposed examination diagnosed 22.1% of clinical disorders that might be prevented or treated and thus decreasing the involuntary culling.


Cattle; Clinical endometritis; Subclinical endometritis; Urovagina.


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