Ruminal degradability of dry matter of leaves and stem of genotypes of Cynodon spp. four ages of regrowth

Euclides Reuter de Oliveira, Flávio Pinto Monção, Caroline Libonato Gordin, Andréa Maria de Araújo Gabriel, Beatriz Lempp, Mariana Viegas dos Santos, Sidnei Tavares dos Reis, Lais Valenzuela Moura


This study aimed to evaluate ruminal kinetics of five genotypes of Cynodon (Tifton 85, Jiggs, Russell, Tifton 68 and Vaqueiro), harvested, aged 28, 48, 63 and 79 days with potential for haymaking. For in situ was used three steers with rumen cannulae, with incubation times of 96, 72, 48, 12, 6 and 0 hours. We used a randomized block design in split plots (grass as plots and subplots as the cut time) with three replications. Decreased (P <0.05) to the levels of readily soluble fraction (fraction a), potentially degradable (fraction b) and the degradability of dry matter of the leaf and stem as there was increase in the maturity stage. For the degradability of dry matter of leaves, found daily reductions of 0.29; 0.47; 0.38; 0.39 and 0.26% for Tifton 85, Jiggs, Russell, Tifton 68 and Vaqueiro, respectively. It is recommended in the management of cutting regrowth age of 28 days from haymaking.


Bromatologic composition degradation; Forage; Ruminant.


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