Probiotic “requeijão cremoso”: evaluation of Lactobacillus casei viability, physical-chemical composition and sensory acceptance

Vanessa de Oliveira Gaino, Verônica Parassen Voltarelli, Christiane Maciel Vasconcelos Barros de Rensis, Priscila Cristina Bizam Vianna


The objective of this work was the production of probiotic “requeijão cremoso” that keeps the physicalchemical and sensorial characteristics of the tradicional product, linked to the functional properties. Control (without probiotic addition) and probiotic “requeijão cremoso” added with Lactobacillus casei after fusion, at 50±1ºC, were produced, packed and stored at 4±1ºC. Control and probiotic “requeijão cremoso” were evaluated to physical-chemical composition 1 day after processing. After 1, 7, 14 and 28 days of storage, the pH were evaluated for both products and Lactobacillus casei count only for probiotic “requeijão cremoso”. Sensory evaluation was accomplished on the 4th day of storage for appearance, taste, flavor, texture, general acceptance and purchasing intention. The results were evaluated by analysis of variance and Tukey’s test. There was no difference on physical-chemical composition of control and probiotic “requeijão cremoso”. Lactobacillus casei count was 2,2x107 UFC/g after 1 day of processing and not showed significant variations during the 28 days of storage. The probiotic “requeijão cremoso” presented good sensory acceptance and 82% of the consumers certainly or probably buy the probiotic product. The results showed that “requeijão cremoso” may regard as a good alternative of probiotic product.


Lactobacillus casei; Probiotic; Requeijão cremoso; Sensorial.


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