Internal quality of eggs subjected to different types of coating and stored for 35 days at 25 ° C

Aniele Pissinati, Alexandre Oba, Fabio Yamashita, Caio Abércio da Silva, João Waine Pinheiro, Juliana Maria Martinez Roman


This study aimed to evaluate the internal quality of eggs subjected to three different types of coatings: no coating (control); 3% gelatin and mineral oil. We used 180 white eggs, with an average weight of 62 g, from laying hens strain Shaver White. Those eggs were stored at a temperature of 25 ° C in a BOD during 35 days and were analyzed every seven days. We evaluated yolk, albumen, shell and weight loss percentage, Haugh units, specific gravity, yolk index, albumen and yolk pH and egg shell color. The results showed that storage time affects the quality of the eggs and the treatment coating the egg with mineral oil were provided the better internal quality of eggs, while the gelatin coating showed intermediate quality and without coating treatment, a poorer quality internal eggs, thus showing necessary to use some kind of coating to increase the shelf life of eggs.


Gelation of biofilm; Mineral oil; Egg quality; Storage time.


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