Effect of applying different edible coatings on conservation of minimally processed ‘Royal Gala’ apples

Sandriane Pizato, William Renzo Cortez-Vega, Carlos Prentice-Hernández, Caroline Dellinghausen Borges


The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of applying different gums (tara, xanthan and sodium alginate) associated with citric acid, ascorbic acid and calcium chloride, in relation to chemical, physical and microbiological characteristics in the conservation of minimally processed Royal Gala apples when stored at 4 ± 1 °C. The apples were washed, peeled, diced and stored in a PET packaging for a period of 15 days at 4 ± 1 °C. Analyses of weight loss, firmness, color (L* e h*), pH, total soluble solids, and microbiological analyses (psychrophyls, yeasts and molds, Salmonella and Escherichia coli) were carried out. The analyses were performed in triplicate on the processing day (day 0) of the samples and after 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 and 15 days of storage. It can be concluded that the different coatings used in this study were effective in preserving minimally processed apples, as compared to the control sample. Among the evaluated coatings, treatment with xanthan gum, associated with citric acid, ascorbic acid and calcium chloride showed the best results, being capable of reducing the weight loss, microbial growth, keeping the firmness and color of minimally processed apples.


Tara; Xanthan; Alginate; Physicochemical analyses; Microbiological analyses.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2013v34n1p253

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