Correlation between systemic blood pressure measured by oscillometry and age and serum sodium level in healthy dogs

Eduardo Garcia Fontoura, Ariana Gayer Ferro, Anelize de Oliveira Campello Felix, Eduardo Negri Mueller, Márcia de Oliveira Nobre


Blood pressure has received attention in current veterinary clinic and can be measured in a non-invasive way by the oscillometric method, among others. Factors such as age have already been related to disorders on blood pressure. Sodium, vital element in cell physiology of animals, has been reported to increase blood pressure. Thus, this work correlates age, the values of blood pressure, both systolic and diastolic, with the serum levels of sodium in healthy adult dogs. We studied 23 adult healthy dogs of both sexes and varying age fed with commercial feed (standard). The arterial pressure, systolic (SBP) and diastolic (DBP), and pulse were measured by digital human sphygmomanometer. The level of serum sodium was obtained by the method of enzyme reagent in kinetic mode, using a commercial kit. We performed Pearson correlation between variables. The values of SBP, DBP, pulse and serum sodium varied respectively from 96 – 184mmHg, 53 – 137mmHg, 64 – 135bpm and 120-157mEq/L. We observed a positive correlation between the variables age and SBP, age and DBP, SBP and sodium, and sodium and DBP, while the values of serum sodium and age showed a negative correlation. Regarding this study conditions, we conclude that there is little interference in the values of blood pressure, both systolic and diastolic, regarding age and serum sodium in healthy adult dogs.



Diastolic pressure; Systolic pressure; Pulse; Oscillometric; Sodium dosage.


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