Rooting of yellow native Passionfruit by semi-hardwood cuttings

Celso Lopes de Albuquerque Junior, Moeses Andrigo Danner, Luiz Alberto Kanis, Cícero Deschamps, Flavio Zanette


The objective of this estudy was to evaluate the influence of cuttings related to their position in the branch (basal, middle and apical) and presence of leaves on rooting native yellow passionfruit (Passiflora actinia). Cuttings with two nodes were prepared 80-10 cm long, and his was planted inplastic pots containing vermiculite, maintained in a greenhouse under intermittent mist for 90 days. We evaluated the percentage of rooted cuttings, number of roots, dry weight and length of roots. The statistical design was randomized blocks with 6 treatments, each treatment consisted of four replications with 12 cuttings each. We performed analysis of variance and Tukey’s test to the data interpretation. It was concluded that the presence of leaves on the basal cuttings showed the highest rooting percentage, the greater number of roots higher dry weight and greater length of roots.


Passifloracea; Cuttings; Vegetative propagation.


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DOI: 10.5433 / 1679-0359
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