Primary cardiac lymphoma in dog

Letícia Abrahão Anai, Paulo César Jark, Erika Maria Terra, Fábio Nelson Gava, Fabrício Andrade Marinho, Sabryna Gouveia Calazans, Mirela Tinucci Costa, Aureo Evangelista Santana


Lymphomas are malignant neoplasm characterized by proliferation of lymphocytes that originate primarily in lymphoid organ such as lymph nodes, liver, spleen and bone marrow. However the feature of continuous migration of lymphocytes in different organs, this tumor can develop in any organ. Although lymphoma is a very common hematopoietic neoplasm in dogs, cardiac location is rare. The diagnosis of primary cardiac lymphoma may be performed when there is involvement of the heart and / or the pericardium without evidence of  involvement in other organs. In veterinary medicine there are few reports on the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of cardiac lymphoma. Therefore, the purpose of this report is to describe a case of cardiac lymphoma in which the patient responded favorably to chemotherapy employee with disease-free interval of 19 months and highlight the importance of including this neoplasm in the differential diagnosis of diseases that affect the cardiovascular system.


Linfoma; Neoplasia cardíaca; Quimioterapia.


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