Estimation of plot size for experiments with tissue culture in grape

Augusto Ramalho de Morais, Aparecida Gomes de Araújo, Moacir Pasqual, Ana Patricia Bastos Peixoto


The improvement of experimental techniques of in vitro culture may provide better identification and multiplication of most promising materials. The aim of this study was to estimate the plot size (explants numbers) for in vitro micropropagation grape. 15 tests were conducted uniformity formed by combinations of three rootstock vine with five different culture media. Nodes segments were used with about 2.5 cm, were excised and inoculated. After 90 days of inoculation, the variables shoot number, shoot length, shoot fresh weight, and fresh weight of callus were evaluated. For each assay, was simulated plots of differents sizes , with each tube containing one explant was considered as a basic unit. For estimation the optimum plot size we used the modified maximum curvature method and the least significant difference between means was obtained by the method of Hatheway. The results showed that the estimates of the plot size ranged from five (5) to 12 explants (tubes) in accordance with the variable used. For these variables, the optimal plot size should be formed by 12 explants.


Vitis sp.; Coefficient of variation; Sample size; Experimental precision; Uniformity trial; Planning experimental.


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