Development and physical-chemical, microbiological and sensory characterization of fermented dairy beverage prepared with different stabilizers/thickener

Alexsandra Valéria Sousa Costa, Edmar Soares Nicolau, Maria Célia Lopes Torres, Patrícia Rodrigues Fernandes, Sarah Inês Rodrigues Rosa, Rakel Cândido Nascimento


This study was conducted to evaluate the physical-chemical, sensory and microbiological characteristics of fermented dairy beverages prepared with 10% sucrose, 50% milk and 50% whey and added five different stabilizers/thickeners in two concentrations (0,50% and 1,00% in relation to the final formulation). Ten treatments have been developed: PCPS 1,00% = protein (0,50%) and whey protein concentrate (0,50%); GP 1,00% = powdered gelatin (1,00%); GG 1,00% = guar gum (1,00%); AM 1.00% = corn starch (1,00%); GGCMC 1,00% = guar gum (0,50%) and carboxymethylcellulose (0,50%); PCPS 0,50 % = protein (0,25%) and whey protein concentrate (0,25%); GP 0.50% = powdered gelatin (0,50%); GG 0.50% = guar (0,50%); AM 0,50% = corn starch (0,50%); GGCMC 0,50% = guar gum (0,25%) and carboxymethylcellulose (0,25%). The fermented dairy beverages were evaluated for pH, acidity in lactic acid, moisture, ash, fat, protein, viscosity, syneresis, sensory acceptance (in a nine-point hedonic scale) and count of coliforms at 35ºC and 45°C. The results were submitted to ANOVA and mean test with significance level of 5%. It was observed that the types and percentages of stabilizers/thickeners mainly influenced the values of syneresis, viscosity and acceptance of samples. Those of the treatments containing protein and whey protein concentrate (1,00%), guar gum (1,00%) and gelatin (0,50%) showed viscosity/consistency similiar/compatible with yogurt and commercial fermented dairy beverages and showed no syneresis, after processing. All formulations were safe to be consumed considering the microbiological results and according to the legislation. The treatment with 0,50% gelatin stood out for the best acceptance for appearance, aroma, color and texture.


Hydrocolloids; Milk; Retention; Whey; Viscosity.


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