Esternal morphology and morphometry of canine fetuses of the pinscher breed to 45 days post-coitus

Daysianny de Oliveira Bezerra, Heliana de Barros Fernandes, Aírton Mendes Conde Júnior, Luana de Oliveira Lopes


We analyzed the external morphology and morphometric fetal pinscher dog breed at 45 days post-coitus. We used four fetuses, two females and two males from a female pinscher breed with breed registry, with clinically healthy and accompanying pregnancy by blood tests and sonograms. The study was performed at the Embriologia-UFPI/CCS after death due to mechanical trauma suffered by his mother due to car accidents. The morphological characteristics were described and data such as weight, length (total, tail, head, ear and head-tail), crown-rump (CR), perimeter (eye, chest and abdominal) and biparietal diameter were obtained. Fetuses at 45 days showed skin covered by hair, head and members formed and differentiated, and eyes closed. We observed the presence of tactile hairs, philtrum, open nostrils and muffle keratinized. They have five digits in forelimbs and hind four digits with nails formed. Showed sexual dimorphism. The average weight of fetuses was 56.9 ± 15.7 g; the total length of 18 cm ± 0.9, CR 10 cm ± 0.9, head length 4.2 cm ± 0.2, tail length 3.4 cm ± 0, 4; ear length 0.8 cm ± 0.2, length 9.4 cm cephalo-caudal ± 2.1, 0.5 cm perimeter ocular ± 0.1, 8.9 cm girth biparietal diameter and 1.0 ± 3.7 cm ± 0.6. Fetuses pinscher dogs have morphological and morphometric own race and gestational age.


Morphology; Morphometry; Fetuses; Pinscher.


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