Availability and leaching of nitrogen in two typical soils of Pontes e Lacerda, MT, treated with bovine rumen residue

Fernando Luiz Silva, Maria Aparecida Pereira Pierangeli, Raquel Joana Trautmann-Machado


High production of waste during the slaughter of cattle increases the need to promote their correct utilization. In this study, the availability and leaching of nitrogen (NO3- and NH4+) after bovine rumen residue (BRR) incorporation was evaluated in 2 typical soils of Pontes e Lacerda, MT: a distrophic Red Latosol and a eutrophic Yellow-Red Argisol. The experiment was conducted in a greenhouse at the University of State of Mato Grosso, UNEMAT, between December 2009 and March 2010. The samples were undisturbed soil in PVC tubes (length 40 cm; diameter, 10 cm), in which doses of BRR were added to provide 0, 50, 100, and 400 kg N ha-1 and urea was added to provide 400 kg N ha-1. Each treatment was performed using 4 replicates. The columns were irrigated weekly, and the leachate was collected and stored for analysis. After the experiment, soil samples were collected from 10 to 10 cm and the NO3- and NH4+ concentrations were determined. The use of BRR resulted in higher potential availability of N in distrophic Red Latosol, while in the eutrophic Yellow-Red Argisol, BRR could not supply adequate amount of nitrogen to the soil within the study period. In terms of N leaching, the distrophic Red Latosol has higher retention capacity for NO3- and lower retention capacity for NH4+ than eutrophic Yellow-Red Argisol; however, the levels of NO3- and NH4+ in the leachate collected from the 2 soils were within the standard values established by Resolution Conama 357/2005. The use of BRR as compared to the use of urea resulted in a lower risk of leaching N.


Argisol; Latosol; Nitrate; Organic waste.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2013v34n4p1509

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