Size and localization of vitelline peduncle and diverticulum in broiler chickens

Murilo Souza Ferreira, Pascoal Funari Júnior, Gregório Correa Guimarães, Fabrício Singaretti Oliveira


The vitelline diverticulum is the remnant of the yolk stalk and present in most of birds and is bigger in younger birds. It is constituted by lymphoid tissue, lasts until animals are 21 month-old and its location is not accurate in scientific data. The purpose of this paper was to describe the precise site and length of the vitelline peduncle and diverticulum in broiler chickens. Celomatic viscerae of 19 broiler chickens aging 21 days, fed with commercial feed, were used. The vitelline peduncule was 1.23±1.20cm and the vitelline diverticulum, 2.23±1.82 cm in length, both located in the distal portion of jejune.


Broiler chickens; Intestine; Anatomy.


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