Chemical properties in Entisol under pasture grass marandu fertilizer of liquid waste of bovine slaughter

Sabino Pereira da Silva Neto, Antonio Clementino dos Santos, José Expedito Cavalcante da Silva, Valdinéia Patrícia Dim, Aridouglas dos Santos Araújo


This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of liquid waste of bovine slaughter (RLF) on the chemical characteristics of a Entisol under pasture grass Marandu. We applied four levels of RLF (0, 37.5, 75, 112.5 m³ ha-1). The experimental design was randomized blocks. The soil samples were collected at 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40 cm, deep five replicates, which were analyzed in pH, available P and K+, Ca2+, Mg2+ and Al3+, CTCpH7,0, CTCeffective, organic matter content and potential acidity (H+ Al3+). We calculated the saturation of exchangeable bases (V%) and aluminum (m%). The applications of RLF in doses of 75 and 112.5 m³ ha-1 reduced the pH and level of Al3+. We observed increased of the value the V% at 0-10 cm and CTCeffective in 10-20 cm. The organic matter content had no significant increases for the implementation of RLF. The Mg2+ increased in the 30-40 cm layer at 112.5 m³ ha-1. The results suggest that application of 37.5 m³ ha-1 increases the pH and Ca2+ and K+ at a depth of 0-10 cm and the value of CTCpH7,0 to 30 cm. The pH, total bases, CTC, CTCpH 7,0 , saturation on base, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+ were influenced by the depth with higher values in the 0-10 cm depth compared with other in all the treatments.



Organic fertilization; Brachiaria brizantha; Effluent industry meat; Soil chemistry.


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