Quality of fresh-cut squash stored in active modified atmosphere

Viviane Citadini Russo, Érica Regina Daiuto, Bruna Lourenço Santos, Mariana Gonçalves Lozano, Rogério Lopes Vieites, Marcos Ribeiro da Silva Vieira


The active modified atmosphere effect was evaluated in the quality of squash fresh-cut (MP).. The squash pieces were conditioned in plastic packings and submitted the gases application in the following concentrations: 0.03% CO2 and 21% O2 (controls T1); 5% CO2 and 4% O2 (T2); 6% CO2 and 4% O2 (T3); 7% CO2 and 4% O2 (T4); 8% CO2 and 4% O2 (T5). In T6 it was made vacuum application in the packing. The packings containing the squash were stored in to the temperature of 10 oC and relative humidity of 75% for 12 days. The evaluated analyses were weigth loss, total acidity (AT), pH, soluble solids (SS), ratio, firmness, color, antioxidant activity for DPPH and carotenoids content. The weigth loss was gradual and low until the ninth day of storage. The values of AT increased along the experimental period being superior for T1 and T2. The increase of SS during the storage of the fresh-cut squash went smaller for T3 and T4. The brightness stayed during the storage being superior for T5, already the color components red and yellow decreased along the experimental period. The antioxidant activity and carotenoids content decreased with the storage. Fresh-cut squash maintained her quality up to the 9th of storage, with superiority for the treatments T3 and T4, in what refers to the weigth loss, AT values and carotenoids content.


Curcubita máxima Duchesne; Antioxidant activity; Carotenoids.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2012v33n3p1071

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