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Admission of Foreign Students

Who can participate on the program?

The program is designated to graduated architects, urbanists, designers, engineers and barchelors in geography and history or other related areas accordingly to the Program’s guideliness (11/2021-PPU).

I am foreign candidate, can I join?

Yes! But there are several requirements that must be fulfilled.

  • First of all portuguese is mandatory, according to the Normative Resolution 010/2021-PPU foreign candidates must certificate their proficiency in portuguese language, the certificate can only be obtained by specific tests that must follow the resolution guideliness. This is very important once most of the disciplines are offered in portuguese, and only a few of them offered in english.
  • Foreign students non-resident in Brazil must present their passport and foreign students that live in Brazil must present the National Registry of Foreigners offered by the Federal Government.
  • All candidates with no exception – Brazilian and Foreigners will follow the same norms and resolutions and the same admission evaluation criteria.

What are the types of admission ?

The program offer two types of admission: Regular student and non-regular/special student.

The regular admission opens the possibility for the student to participate in all academic activities of the program, such as mandatory disciplines, eletive disciplines, research activities and others.

The non-regular/special admission, opens the possibility for the students to attend only the discipline which the student was accepted for.

Both the types let the students to acess a huge ammout of articles on national and international indexes like WebOfScience, Scopus, Elsevier and so on. But the access is limited to the time that the student is enrolled on the course.

If you are interested in participating the program, we recomend contacting us by email to get more information about the program and the admission steps.

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