The general objective of the PPU is upskill researchers on workin with an integrative and systemic vision, with historical-cultural support, to increase planning and expansion initiatives in cities; to work in consultancy and with public agencies; to support reflections on the built environment, adding value to its production based on the consideration of universal methodologies and the regional context; and to act in the production process of the built environment, making cities more sustainable.

The specific objectives of PPU are:

  1. The qualification of teachers and researchers trained theoretically, methodologically and technically to reflect on the production processes of the built environment
  2. The qualified training of researchers to innovate and establish new concepts, methods and techniques for building design and urban planning in order to meet the demand for housing programs and urban qualification in Brazilian cities
  3. The interdisciplinary production of knowledge in order to not only address new challenges and demands of the construction sector, urban growth and regional development, but mainly to develop innovations establishing new frontiers of the understanding uppon the built environment and its interaction with the social and economic environment
  4. The deepening of reflective, analytical and propositional knowledge regarding the interaction between design, built environment, user and technologies in order to contribute for the enhancement of the quality of life and the so on.
  5. The dissemination of knowledge and the academic/scientific exchange between researchers and professionals in Architecture and Urbanism and related areas
  6. The contribution to the reduction of academic deficit in graduate school on the project subarea
  7. The improvement and innovation of teaching in undergraduate courses in Architecture and Urbanism of the Institutions involved.