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About the Program

The Associated UEM / UEL Postgraduate Program in Architecture and Urbanism (PPU), is the first program in the area of Architecture and Urbanism in the state of Paraná approved by the Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education (CAPES / Ministry of Education), is the result of a joint proposal by the State University of Maringá (UEM) and Londrina State University (UEL).

This program was born from the understanding of the essential need in promoting the evolution of knowledge on ways of perceiving, intervening, generating and inhabiting buildings, cities and landscapes. Hence, scientific research contributes significantly to the extent of it generating structured and systematic knowledge about the built environment.

In general, the program aims to upskill researchers on working with an integrative and systemic vision, with historical-cultural support, to increase planning and expansion initiatives in cities; to work in consultancy and with public agencies; to support reflections on the built environment, adding value to its production based on the consideration of universal methodologies and the regional context; and to act in the production process of the built environment, making cities more sustainable.


grade obtained in the first quadrennial evaluation

Coordination – State University of Maringá:
Profª. Drª. Karin Schwabe Meneguetti – Coordinator
Profª. Drª. Gislaine Elizete Beloto – Assistant Coordinator

Coordination – Londrina State University:
Prof. Dr. Rovenir Bertola Duarte – Coordinator
Prof. Dr. Jorge Daniel de Melo Moura – Assistant Coordinator

Current Regulation from 2021 (Normative Resolution 093/2020-CI/CTC)