The Londrina State University Graduate Program on Agronomy has as objective to capacitate and to update agricultural and related areas professionals with scientific and technical knowledge, in order to develop activities of research, teaching, training and technology diffusion. This capacitaty aim to obtain better economical and sustainability of production system results, so that professionals are able to work in research, extension, teaching and agribusiness areas.

The Master of Science and PhD Courses on Agronomy were created in 1994 and 2000, respectively, in three Field Areas: Plant Production, Plant Protection and Soil Management and Agricultural Engineering. The lines of research have been continuously updated and readapted according to the technological and social demands observed in extension studies, integrating research and extension. Until year 2012, the Program capacitated 269 Master of Science and 134 PhD students. Currently, the Program has 107 regular students enrolled (41 Master of Science and 66 PhD).

Besides, the Program has received Post-Doc students not only from Brazil, but from other countries, with grants of different International Agencies, such as TWAS/CNPq, United Nations and PEC-CAPES, aiming to develop high level scientific research, as well to enable teaching skills and advisory of Scientific Initiation, Master of Science and PhD students.

The Program improvement has been notorious since the 19 years of its creation. The quality indicators have shown index that get better every year, which allowed the Program, since the 2004-2006 CAPES triennium evaluation, to raise the Program score from 4 to 5, what has been maintained during the last evaluation trienniums.