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Entry and Completion Requirements

Entry Requirements

The admission process consists of the following steps (other important criteria/steps may be added, according to the decision of the admissions committee):

I – English language proficiency test;

II – Written exam;

III – CV analysis;

IV – Other criteria/steps added by the admissions committee and regulated by a public notice;

a) The English language proficiency test and the Written Exam (when it is part of the criteria) are eliminatory. The minimum grade in the written exam is 7,0.

b) The foreign language proficiency exam is organised by either a committee formed by the faculty of the program or by an institution that offers language proficiency exams. Both the committee and the institution are appointed by the Program Coordination.

Completion Requirements

To be eligible to graduate and get the diploma, students must:

I – complete all required credits;

II – be approved in the Qualifying Examination;

III – submit the thesis/dissertation to evaluation and be approved;

IV – be approved in the language proficiency exam;

V – for the PhD, the student must present to the program convenor letter of acceptance for publication of at least one paper about a topic related to the study carried out in the dissertation in a Qualis B3 or higher scientific journal. The program convenor is responsible for informing the PROPPG of the completion of this requirement.

Note: The student will only be entitled to a master’s or PhD title in Behavior Analysis after approval by the Dean of Graduate Studies of the corresponding documentation, which will be sent by the Program Coordination, within a maximum period of six months after the date of the viva examination.