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Who Can Apply

In general, potential candidates to the Graduate Program in Behaviour Analysis should:

I – For the master’s degree: have an undergraduate degree in subjects related to the areas of Biology, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Health Sciences. Undergraduate students are also welcomed to apply as long as they show written proof of completion of the undergraduate course until the date of enrolment in the program.

II – For the PhD:

a) those with a master’s degree in Psychology or related fields with a national validation.

b) In exceptional cases and at the discretion of the Program’s coordination, students of the Graduate Program in Behaviour Analysis (master’s degree), under recommendation, may be admitted to the PhD program without a master’s degree. The members of the Qualifying Examination board must unanimously judge the work to be evaluated as a doctoral dissertation in the final viva examination. To do so, students must publish at least one paper in a peer reviewed Qualis B3 or higher scientific journal, with wide circulation, on a topic related to their master’s project proposal.

§ 1 Admission to the PhD program as described in subparagraph “b” above may be requested at any time after the Qualifying Examination throughout the academic year and will imply:

I – Automatic validation of all credits of the master’s degree;

II – that the period of time that the student was enrolled in the master’s degree will count to determine the deadline to finish the PhD program and submit the dissertation to evaluation;

§ 2 Only students with grades superior to 7,0 in all courses may benefit from the admission to the PhD program as described in subparagraph “b”.