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Accredited by Capes in November 2004, the Graduate Program in Behaviour Analysis (Master’s/PhD) at the State University of Londrina (UEL) is offered by the Department of General Psychology and Behaviour Analysis of UEL’s School of Biological Sciences. The first master’s degree class started in March 2005 and the first PhD class in August 2019. The faculty of the program promote teaching, research, and extension activities in different undergraduate courses of the university.

The admission process to the program takes place once a year in the first semester and the activities start in the second semester of the year (in July or in August). There is a single application fee to apply for the admission process of the program, which is established by the university. Aside from that, there are no other fees. The program is free of charge.

There are a few scholarships that may be offered to students, depending on the number of scholarships provided by CAPES. Unfortunately, not all students can be granted a scholarship. Occasionally, students may get a scholarship in the second year. One of the criteria for granting scholarships is the grade on the written test in the selection process.



Subject Area: Psychology (70700001)

Area of Evaluation: Psychology

Area of Research: Behaviour Analysis

Date o Recommendation (CAPES): 05/11/2004

Situation: in operation