System Modeling, Simulation and Implementation (MSI)  


1. CRISTIANO MARCOS AGULHARI (Eng. Elétrica, UTFPR) CV lattes | websitee-mail

Signal processing, wavelets, data compression, biomedical signal compression, control systems, robust control, control of LTV systems, linear matrix inequalities (LMIs).

2. FRANCISCO GRANZIERA JUNIOR (Eng. Elétrica, UEL) CV lattes | websitee-mail

Instrumentation for probing rockets and satellites;  attitude determination.  single- and multi-objective optimization algorithms;  calibrating and merging sensor data.

3. JOSE ALEXANDRE DE FRANÇA (Eng. Elétrica, UEL) CV lattes | websitee-mail

Instrumentation: Precision Agriculture, Embedded Systems, Remote Data Acquisition, development of instruments based on Near Infrared Spectroscopy.

4. JOSE CARLOS MARINELLO FILHO (Eng. Elétrica, UTFPR)  CV-lattes | website | e-mail

Telecomunication Systems: communications and signal processing, multiuser detection and estimation, Massive MIMO systems, cooperative communication, resource allocation, 5G wireless systems: URLLC, mMTC, EMBB, Grant-based, grant-free protocols; applied machine learning to wireless networks

5. LEONIMER FLÁVIO DE MELO (Eng. Elétrica, UEL)   CV lattes | website | e-mail

Mechatronics: industrial automation, production engineering, embedded control systems, robotics, industrial mechatronics systems, reconfigurable architecture, distance learning and traffic engineering.

6. MARIO LEMES PROENÇA JR.  (DC-UEL)  PQ-2-CNPq (2020; 2017-2019)  CV lattes | website | e-mail

Computer Science, with emphasis on Teleinformatics, Network Security and Management and Information Technology and Communication Governance.

7. PEDRO HENRIQUE BULGATTI.  (DC-UTFPR)  CV-lattes website | e-mail

Signal Processing: deep learning, image analysis, machine learning, content-based image retrieval.

8. SYLVIO BARBON JR.  (DC-UEL) PQ-2-CNPq (2021-atual)  CV-lattes | website | e-mail

Digital Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

9. TAUFIK ABRÃO  (Eng. Elétrica, UEL)  PQ-1D-CNPq (2020; 2016-2019) CV-lattes | website | e-mail

Telecomunication Systems: communications and signal processing, especially the multi-user detection and estimation, Massive MIMO and XL-MIMO systems, cooperative communication, resource allocation, heuristic and convex optimization aspects of 5G wireless systems; URLLC, mMTC, EMBB, Grant-based, grant-free protocols; applied machine learning to wireless networks; smartgrid communication systems

Energy Processing and Conversion (PCE)  

10. ALESSANDRO DO NASCIMENTO VARGAS  PQ-2-CNPq  (2020; 2017-2019) (EE, UTFPR) | CV-Lattes e-mail

Control of Electronic Processes and feedback: stability and control of stochastic systems, Markovian decision processes, optimum and robust control, dynamical systems

11. ALESSANDRO GOEDTEL DT-2-CNPq (2021-atual)  DT-1D-CNPq (2017-2020) (Eng. Elétrica, UTFPR) | CV-lattes   e-mail

Electric and Industrial Processes. Electronic Automation: artificial neural networks, intelligent systems, induction motors, drive of electric machines and industrial loads.

12. LEONARDO POLTRONIERI SAMPAIO (Eng. Elétrica, UTFPR) | CV-Lattes   e-mail

Alternative and renewable energies: photovoltaic applications, electric power quality, analysis and modeling of static power converters, programming of digital controllers of signals (DSC).

13. LUIS ALFONSO GALLEGO PAREJA (Eng. Elétrica, UEL)  CV-lattes | e-mail

Generation, transmission and distribution of electric energy (GTD): optimization of electrical systems, power flow, probabilistic load flow, optimal power flow, interior points method, Neural Networks, Electrical System Protection, Metaheuristics.

14. SÉRGIO AUGUSTO OLIVEIRA DA SILVA  PQ-2-CNPq (2019)  (EE, UTFPR) | CV-Lattes   e-mail

Power Electronics: Active Power Filters, Uninterruptible Power Systems, Electrical Power Quality and Renewable Energies (Photovoltaic Systems)

Former Advisors

1.  FÁBIO RENAN DURAND. 2016-2019 (In Memorian, UTFPR) PQ-2-CNPq (2019; 2016-2018)  CV-lattes | website | e-mail

Optical communications: optimization and resources allocation in optical networks, wireless networks, smart grids and distributed generation systems using renewable energy.