Entry requirements to the Graduate Program

Registration information and selection criteria for the admission of regular students to the Masters of Science and PhD Graduate Program in Animal Health and production Science:


1) At the time of registration for the selection process, the candidate must present:


• proof of payment of fee (generate payment slip –;


• For admission to the Master’s Degree program: Curriculum Lattes, with proof of participation in all events / publications, and as the presenting page, the completed registration form and presented in order:


. For the PhD: Curriculum Lattes, with proof of participation in all events / publications cited,


. Assessment Sheet Curriculum Lattes (for Master’s and Doctorate)


– Photocopies of personal documents (identity card, CPF [social security number], voter’s title, certificate of birth and / or marriage and reservist);


– Photocopy of the undergraduate degree (students of other HEIs must authenticate the photocopy) or certificate / declaration / registration indicating that the candidate is the last semester of the course (approved  by MEC), informing the expected date of completion and collation of degree;


– photocopy of the academic record;


– Letter of acceptance from a supervisor who is a member of this Graduate Program (model on the home page of the Program in Documents and Forms);


– Study plan (Master’s degree)


•Research project (the latter only for doctoral registration).


The delivery of the documents described above are essential to confirm registration, and failure to comply with these requirements will result in denial.


The homologation of registration will depend on compliance and presentation of all requested documents and will be made by means of a Call for Tender, issued by the Program and published on 25/10/6, at the site: The Candidate who does not have his homologated registration will have until 11:30 am on 10/27/2016, to regularize his situation.


It is mandatory that the submitted documentation must follow the same order contained in the Curriculum Assessment Sheet, except for the research project that should be bound separately from the Lattes curriculum.


2) The selection, by area of concentration, will be by the average obtained between:


• Written examination (for Master’s degree only);


• Evaluation of basic knowledge of the English Language (for Master’s and Doctorate);


• Analysis of the Lattes Curriculum (for the Master’s and Doctoral Degree);


• Argumentation with selection committee (for the Master´s and PhD);


• Availability of a supervisor attached to the Graduate Program based on the letter of acceptance (for Master’s and Doctorate degrees);


• Admission to Master´s Degree Program requires the presentation of Study Plan for the development of the dissertation that is in accordance with one of the Research Areas of this Graduate Program. The plan must be prepared in a maximum of four (4) pages, which should include date, name, signature of the candidate and the “agreement” signed by the advisor;


• Admission to the Doctoral Degree will be based on evaluation of the proposed research project (presented at the time of enrollment to the selection process) and the argumentation with Selection Committee of the Program will also be included in the selection process.


* An approval at the selection process is obtained when the candidate has achieved an average score equal to or greater than 6 (six) being the results of the evaluations described above.


In case of doubt, you will contact us by e-mail: or telephone: (43) 3371-4709.




Acceptance Letter


Assessment Form Curriculum Lattes




Topics for the written evaluation:


Animal Health


Animal Production