Minimum level of component discrimination for characterization of biphasic mixtures (oil / brine or gas) using gamma and x-ray transmission

Luiz Diego Marestoni, Carlos R Appoloni, Jair Romeu Eichlt



In this paper we propose the concept of Minimum Level of Component Discrimination (NMDC) to determine the components discrimination in a biphasic mixture. A mathematical modeling followed by experimental corroboration illustrates the concept for different mixtures using transmission measurements of five lines from a 241Am source. Based on the simulations, minimum discrimination tables were done. These discrimination tables are the ideal theoretical predictions to lead experimental measurement, since they supply the minimum discriminative percentage for each energy line. The simulation was tested using the box with epoxy walls reinforced with carbon fiber, for the 20.8 and 59.54 keV energy lines.


gamma ray transmission; oil and biphasic mixtures


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