Methodology and Implementation on DSP of Heuristic Multiuser DS/CDMA Detectors.

Alex Miyamoto Mussi, Rafael de Oliveira Ribeiro, Taufik Abrão


The growing number of users of mobile communications networks and the scarcity of the electromagnetic spectrum make the use of diversity techniques and detection/decoding efficient, such as the use of multiple antennas at the transmitter and/or receiver, multiuser detection (MuD – Multiuser Detection), among others, have an increasingly prominent role in the telecommunications landscape. This paper presents a design methodology based on digital signal processors (DSP – Digital Signal Processor) with a view to the implementation of multiuser heuristics detectors in systems DS/CDMA (Direct Sequence Code Division Multiple Access). Heuristics detection techniques result in near-optimal performance in order to approach the performance of maximum-likelihood (ML). In this work, was employed the DSP development platform called the C6713 DSK, which is based in Texas TMS320C6713 processor. The heuristics techniques proposed are based on well established algorithms in the literature. The efficiency of the algorithms implemented in DSP has been evaluated numerically by computing the measure of bit error rate (BER). Finally, the feasibility of implementation in DSP could then be verified by comparing results from multiple Monte-Carlo simulation in Matlab, with those obtained from implementation on DSP. It also demonstrates the effective increase in performance and system capacity of DS/CDMA with the use of heuristic multiuser detection techniques, implemented directly in the DSP.


Mobile communication; CDMA; Multiuser detection; Heuristic algorithms; Digital signal processors; Complexity


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