Coupled Double Quantum Wells.

Élder Mantovani Lopes, Daniel Ferreira César, José Leonil Duarte, Ivan Frederico Lupiano Dias, Édson Laureto, Luiz Carlos Poças


The progress of the semiconductor growth techniques allows the opportunity to produce new semiconductors devices that may contribute to the development of the nanotechnology. The fabrication of semiconductor heterostructures with high quality allows the obtaining of new effects based on the quantum properties of those systems, which have stimulated great technological interest, especially on the optoelectronic and telecommunications fields. In this work some basic concepts related to one of those heterostructures are discussed: the Coupled Double Quantum Well (CDQW). The deduction of the expression for the determination of the energy levels in CDQWs is presented in details. The results obtained through this expression are compared with experimental results obtained through photoluminescence (PL) measurements, complementing the work.


Semiconductors; Quantum Wells; Photoluminescence


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