Solitons in ideal optical fibers: a numerical development.

Eliandro Rodrigues Cirilo, Paulo Laerte Natti, Neyva Maria Lopes Romeiro, Érica Regina Takano Natti, Camila Fogaça de Oliveira


This work developed a numerical procedure for a system of partial differential equations (PDEs) describing the propagation of solitons in ideal optical fibers. The validation of the procedure was implemented from the numerical comparison between the known analytical solutions of the PDEs system and those obtained by using the numerical procedure developed. It was discovered that the procedure, based on the finite difference method and relaxation Gauss-Seidel method, was adequate in describing the propagation of soliton waves in ideals optical fibers.


Optical communication; Solitons; Finite differences; Relaxation Gauss-Seidel method


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