Petroleum Contaminated Soil Treatment Using Surfactant and Hydrogen Peroxide.

Carmen Luisa Barbosa Guedes, Caryna Januario Correr, Ilza Lobo, Otavio Jorge Grigoli Abi-Saab


The process of washing soil with surfactants, sodium lauryl ether sulphate (LESS) and sodium lauryl sulphate (SDS) was combined with chemical oxidation using hydrogen peroxide, with a view to in situ remediation of clay soil contaminated with hydrocarbons oil. The evaluation of the efficiency of the procedure was the removal of polyaromatic hydrocarbons and the comparison of physical and chemical characteristics of contaminated soil and uncontaminated from the same region. The combination of these two techniques, soil washing and application of an oxidizing agent, presented as a process of effective remediation for soils contaminated with petroleum products in subtropical regions.


Soil Washing; Fluorescence; Oxidizing Agent; Crude Oil; Aromatics Hydrocarbons


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Semin., Ciênc. Exatas Tecnol.
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This journal is licensed with a license Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International.