A proposal for numeric parametrization of the scattering experimental data.

Antonio Braz de Pádua, José Bellandi Filho, Roberto José Maria Covolan, Luiz Martins Mundim Filho


We propose a numerical fit method for the elastic differential cross section data of pp and pp in energy ranges of 10<?s ? 53 GeV and of 10 < ?s ? 546 GeV respectively. Firstly, we adapted the data by assuming a purely imaginary elastic amplitude and expressing it as a sum of the exponentials on the fitted momentum transfer -t. Secondly, we incorporated the contribution of the real part of the elastic amplitude by means of the Martin's Formula. Our results showed, on the whole, a good agreement with the data including those ones in the dip region. This parametrization may he used in future works as the starting point for calculations, from a model independent way, of important physical quantities as eikonal, overlap functions, interaction radius and so on.


Elastíc Scattering, High Energies, Antiproton, Proton, Scattering Amplitude, Elastic Differential Cross Section, Numerical Fit e Martin 's Formula.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0375.1991v12n4p248

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