Overcoming difficulties in order to use the concepts and principles of the lean construction.

Ercilia H Hirota, James A Powell, Caroline l Davey, Jennifer E Powell, Carlos T Formoso


Lean Construction concepts and principles represent an innovation in the management of the construction processes. Unfortunately, its dissemination and implementation are hampered by some cultural issues, in this article, the necessity of developing management competencies for the use of the Lean Construction concepts and principles, are discussed. It is assumed that the use of this theory requires a modification in the current construction management paradigm. The authors propose the use of the Action Learning approach to promote innovation and cultural changes in building companies, particularly concerning the introduction of the Lean Construction concepts and principles. The arguments presented are based on the results of two case studies. The first one was developed in a medium-sized building company in the UK, and the second one consisted of a group of four production managers from distinct Brazilian building companies. Action Learning proved to be a powerful approach to induce changes in managing processes in both cases. Results obtained are analyzed based on individual and organizational learning theories as well   as    on    the    historical    development   of   construction    management practice.


action learning; lean construction; innovation; modification; meaning.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0375.2000v21n4p17

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